Saturday, February 8, 2014


Work buddy and Maryland resident The Beard has a .22, a .45 S&W, an AR, and a Mossberg.  The standard 4.  Before he met me he had nothing, himself, and I sorta nudged him along the path and implanted in his head the received wisdom of the 4 gun system.  (rifle, pistol, shotgun, and a .22)

Before me, he had a gun in the house, but it was a .357 that belonged to his girlfriend.

Well, I've also convinced him of the utility of spares.  In case a firearm is disabled and needs repair.  One is none and two is one.  Plus he noticed when he was on one side of the house that the defensive firearms were all OVER there on the other side. 

But... what to get first?  He is leaning toward a second Mossy.  Not the exact same model, but with a certain commonality of parts.  I don't know, but I sorta lean to a second pistol having greater utility for his purposes (not a hunter, not a CCW person in MD.)

He noted he lacked a true hunting rifle.

His AR is a California style bullet button type.  He could get another AR15 in Maryland as long as it is a heavy barrel.  AR10s are ok, too.  I half wish I had started and ended at AR10s, now that they are more prevalent in the .mil. 

What say you?


Old NFO said...

I don't particularly care for the AR-10... Recoil vs. an aluminium lower... But that's just me...

Daddy Hawk said...

If a hunting rifle is his next need, I'd recommend a bolt action over a semi auto. Remington 700 or Savage in .30-06 would be my personal choices