Monday, February 10, 2014

Marko Kloos

I finished his book.  It's good.  The first, Terms of Enlistment, was good, but this, Lines of Departure, is slightly better.  

It's a book about a dropship grunt, if you are unfamiliar, and there is plenty of infantry action in this one, like the last, but I prefer a bit more space opera  and ship combat in my SciFi, and this latest delivers more of that, which is nice.  I can't wait for the third in the trilogy.

One of the characters is based on Breda, legendary former gunblog chick and cohost of the SQRPT. On which the author, Marko, will be a guest this Thursday.  The character is a badass Master Sergeant and whenever she has dialog I hear Breda's voice and mannerisms.  Which is jarring when Marko diverts to something that isn't Breda.  For example, while real Breda is badass, she isn't tall like Master Sergeant Fallon.  More pint size.  Maybe 3 gills.  The real Breda also isn't a back slapper or friendly-puncher like the character, and like soldiers can be.  And the real Breda doesn't have a Medal of Honor, yet.  Other than that, the character feels spot on. 

I screwed up.  The first book is one of the only books I've paid to own on my Kindle.  I intended to do that again, but got the paper version from Amazon somehow.  Oh well.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, Marko does good!!! :-)

Mike W. said...

Just ordered both books in dead tree format. I had actually previously ordered them for Kindle, but saved the files to a flashdrive that got lost....