Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Safe Follow Up

Stack On did me right.  I called and I told them the lock jammed and they sent out a replacement and instruction on how to break into the jammed old one.  I am pleased with the way the company treated me.  Kudos

When the replacement lock was safely ensconced at stately New Jovian Manor, I went ahead with some more destructive ideas to remedy the situation and open the stuck gun cabinet.

I can't pick up and shake the cabinet, it is bolted to the floor.  Banging on it like it was a vending machine that just won't drop that bag of BBQ Fritos I paid for didn't do the trick.

The key was stuck in the lock and it felt like it hadn't gone in far enough to engage the last tumbler.  So... Stop!  Hammertime!  A few bangs along the axis of the key with a big ol Estwing did... nothing.  Won't turn, won't release the key.

Ok, get out the 9 inch adjustable crescent wrench (or 'spanner').   Tighten down on the key close to the lock...  Here goes nothing and this is the part I figured I'd break the key off in the lock.  Twist!!

Nope, it turned.  Well, damn.  Works fine, now.  (next fix was to involve a Milwaukee drill with a BIG bit...)  If the lock goes south on me again, that's it.  Replacing it.

So what could have caused the stick?  It may have been the rifle on that side leaning against the mechanism.  An AR, too.  I knew there was a reason I didn't like ARs...  I shifted the internals some.  Gonna get another lockable rifle cabinet.  Put the 'lesser' guns in that and not crowd the primary. 

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