Monday, February 24, 2014

Why the Rush?

So 19.5 million NICS checks in 2012.

Then another rush happens.

21 million NICS checks in 2013!  A record. 

For months, FFL stores are stripped of inventory in 2013, lines at the gun shop are five deep and out the door, .22LR is rarer than a fresh Dodo egg omelet...  INSANITY!  ....Because of a ~6% increase? 

I don't get it.  What would a 10% increase look like?


joethefatman said...

"What would a 10% increase look like?"

The Ukraine, Venezuela ...?

BC said...

It isn't quite that simple as a 6% increase though.

FBI has stats going back through 99, and numbers are steady through 2005 with around 8.5 million checks per year. 2006 is 10 million, and 2013 is more than double that. No way production capacity was doubled in just 7 years.

Also, there are more state CCW permits that will allow a purchaser to bypass the NICS check than in the early 2000s. Those sales will not generate a NICS check to count.

Supply has been tight around here for a few years. You could get what you wanted, but you would have to order one and wait if you wanted something specific. Wait usually wasn't long though. Fixed that issue a year ago. Couldn't get anything no matter how you wanted it.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time wasn't there a coiled gas tube for SBR's available to make them cycle more efficiently?