Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crazy Eyes

So a person I knew in High School, I see her posts on Facebook.  None of you reading this know her.  She has a kid.

This kid has the Crazy Eyes.  Like uncanny, frighteningly crazy.  Like, 'gonna be a psycho in a few years after puberty hits and then the world will know about me!' crazy eyes.  The has that vacant look that the Connecticut school shooter had.

But really, what can I do?

What are the chances I am even right?  What do I know?  I'm just a shlub.  I can't give some sort of informed psychological evaluation that will impact the rest of the boy's life because of a 600x900 .jpg file!  Even if I did know what I was talking about.

And what if I did say something and what if I am right?  Do I just use it so in a few years I can go "Tolja so..." when the kid shoots up an Automat?  Most likely, a statement of this sort would be treated as an insult.  And understandably so.  And if my hunch proves true making such a perceived insult will probably result in less chance of any intervention before it is too late.

The kid is cute and adorable, too, so she posts a lot of pictures.  But there is just something off about the eyes.

Most likely it is nothing and the kid will grow up and lead a happy life.  And they live many many states away.

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Old NFO said...

One can only hope... At least they're not close...