Friday, August 15, 2014

When Will the Cops Arrive

I hope that cops arrive at that Missouri things sometime soon.  Someone needs to spell those soldiers out there.  For posse comitatus reasons at a bare minimum.

There are no cops there.  It's all soldiers.  Have you SEEN them dudes?  That ain't right.  Not cool.

CNN is reporting that the Ferguson PD claims that they didn't have the money to install their dashboard and body cameras.   Stick with iron sights instead of trijicons and they'd have that money... "We bought fifteen unmanned aerial drones, but we had to remove the cameras to fit the guns."

And what, NOW Eric Holder regrets giving them all that stuff?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, hate to say it, but in spite of the fact that that there's Video showing the "Poor Black Youth" was throwing a Shop Clerk around like a Rag Doll while he was robbing the Store, THIS Shit is Over-the-Top.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Of course, this Over-the-Top Shit DOES NOT apply to all those Cops who used Armored Humvees to hunt down the Boston Marathon Bombers. Remember THOSE Pictures?

That was a FEDERAL Case, led by Eric Holder. So Militarized LEOs don't count.

At least in His Mind.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... closer and closer to that tipping point...