Thursday, August 21, 2014

Got Nuthin'

Monday-Blog-Bupkis on a Thursday.

Let's go stream of consciousness.

Getting old sucks.  I fell and landed on my bum knee exactly one month ago.  STILL a bit tender.  I just don't heal like I used to.  Plus too damn fat.  Stupid old guy metabolism. 

Speaking of old, remember Archie?  My crotchety WWII vet neighbor?  He had to move to an old folks home last winter.  He wasn't able to keep up with the day to day even with my help.  And he got an infection that put him in the hospital for coupla weeks.  Bad bad.  I've visited him at his Old Folks Home in Hagerstown and he HATED it.  Well, daughter found a place a couple miles from her house.  AND he now has a help come in in the mornings and evening for a few hours each time.  Takes care of meals and pills and whatnot.  He is MUCH happier.  So, that is good.  Gonna go visit him again real soon.

In the mean time the new owners did THIS to his old house near me.  Wow.  Used to be just one floor.

Got a gunsmithing class coming up next weekend.  Looking forward to that. 

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armedlaughing said...

Getting old sucks.

It's better than the alternative...