Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interactive Map

Of all the great milsurp swag the feds have been over-militarizing the local po-po with.

It's not so bad.  No armored vehicles for my rich county, Montgomery.  And only one each in the 3 surrounding counties: Howard Frederick, and Prince Georges.

Montgomery took advantage to load up on night vision, mostly. 

Heck I SAW the Howard county armored vehicle while I was grocery shopping.  The cops were squiring around young ladies wearing civvies in the back.  Shocking that dudes would use a unique set of wheels to try to impress the chicks, "Hey baby, wanna ride in my urban assault vehicle.  Oh no, I ran out of gas..."  "Then get on the Mottorola and call a tow truck, flat-foot, I'm not falling for that old line again."


joethefatman said...

My county here in Texas got 9 assault rifles. If I know those guys, and I do, they're being used for deer. Truthfully, most of them have better rifles than the .gov hands out, even if they aren't autos. Now the county just south, got a lot of everything except grenade launchers(0) and planes(1).

Bubblehead Les. said...

But this is NOT new! My old home town of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, just north of Akron had a Halftrack with Two, count'em TWO .50 Cal Browning mounted on it in the 60s and 70s. They got them from the Feds for "Riot Control" while LBJ was in office.

They only got rid of them during the Carter Recession of the late 70s when Tax Revenues were running a little low.

J Bogan said...

Go read up on what DC got. Something like 9 cargo carrying aircraft, and a bunch of helicopters. What, Lanier is gonna have an airborne brigade? Swat parachuting onto K street to shut the clubs down on a Saturday night.