Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Now Yer on the Trolley

I love Trolleys.


The sound they made is unique.  You just don't hear that anymore.  

Well, I love the IDEA of the Trolley.

They are wonderful.  They are also gone 50+ years now.  You can't bring that back.  Though man, do the Leftists try. They are just spending money on something that is no longer worth it.  And can't even recapture the magic of a bygone age.  It's gone.  You don't want to spend a hundred million taxpayer dollars on a nationwide telegraph system, too, do ya?  I mean, it would be cool and all, but... why?  It's gone.  And it's ok it's is gone. 

Trolleys are gone.  And when brought back they aren't really not as good as before, they are downright awful now.  Stop the waste.  I understand the impulse.  But... spend your money on city buses. 

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Siege said...

I've always rather liked the streetcar buses. Modern and actually functional (and affordable) like a bus, but has that classic look and feel, rather than just being a big ugly box you can stuff with people.