Friday, August 29, 2014

Due Process

The BLNN network sent me this:

"California mulls bill to remove guns from potential offenders"

Huh?  Like a Pre Crime division of the police?  How will they determine potential offenders?  Check to see if someone's eyes are set too close together?  Put a Phrenologist on the State payroll, and check to see if someone has the skull bumps of a serial rapist?

Let me read further...

No, it's if a family member complains.  "Uncle Billy is a little odd, and we had a nasty argument about politics last Thanksgiving.  I'll show him, that right wing troglodyte and get the SWAT team to confiscate his precious guns.   Hmph!"

Yeah, no chance for abuse of Bills civil rights there.  5th Amendment?  Never heard of it in the fight to quash the 2nd.

"If it can save one life, one family from that agony, it will be worth it."

You could say the exact same thing about letting Liberals remain alive.  I mean look at what they accomplished in the 20th Century.  Too chancy to let them keep breathing, right?  Right?


Sigman said...

We have an elderly gentleman in the county where I work who has onset of Alzheimers. We have had his family ask us several times to go take his guns. They don't seem to understand that their is a thing called the 2nd Amendment that doesn't let us disarm people who haven't committed crimes. When we tell them they can and probably should take his guns, they tell us they don't want to make him mad.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So when the Ex decides he/she needs some more Alimony......