Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Happens in a Car Jacking

Well, little good.  Even if you are trained, accustomed to dealing with bad guys, alert enough, and willing to respond, sometimes it doesn't work out at all good for you.

An off duty DC cop was the victim of an attempted carjacking in the wee hours Wednesday.  Three miscreants in a Nissan Altima getaway car.  Shots were exchanged, and it looks like the bad guys got in some licks. 

I hope the cop recovers.

But this could happen to regular CCW types.  And a policeman in civvies is like very close to a regular ol' person, but on the high end of readiness.   Call him an above average conceal carrier.  Not the victim you want to select if you are a bad guy.

No word if the policeman was able to return fire in that article, but the radio report made it sound like shots were 'exchanged'.  So let's go with that assumption.

Ok, what do you and me do in the event this scenario is rolling toward us?  What could we do different, since you and I may well be average or below average CCW types?

I don't know.  We may never get a good AAR on this incident.  Was the cop not alert, walking around in Condition White, not ready for it, and thus not deterring attack?  That'd be a biggee.  It happened at 3AM.  Nothing good happens at that time of night, regardless.

But it seems that no matter how prepared you are, sometimes...  Sometime you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.  Your only consolation might be a few seconds of realizing that at least you fought back before going unconscious.

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Stay ALERT- First and foremost...