Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hooray Judicial Branch

So a few weeks ago a judge spanked Washington DC for being effective a no-issue CCW regime.  And you could Vermont carry in the District for about an hour and a half.  My state is effectively no-issue except for friends of the Governor or Attorney General.

This week a judge smacked down the California 10-day waiting period.  Especially for people that already have a gun.  I mean what's the point?   "I'm really mad at my wife, and want to murder her NOW, not 10 days from now.    And I already have a .357... but I really want to murder her with a .44 magnum!  Shoot, in a week my anger might have subsided..."

Maryland also has a waiting period. 

Months ago a judge made Illinois issue CCW.   And today, crime has dropped noticeably?  Related?  Maybe! 

There is a case about having a firearm on your private property while it is on someone else's private property and there is booze nearby.  And the Second Amendment Foundation is on a roll getting local ordnances that are cross threaded with state rules kiboshed

Seems like the judiciary is working around the fringes of my state.  I have little hope the state legislature is going to be a remedy, even if they see the parade a-comin' and want to get out in front of it.  But there is some reward in rubbing their noses in it when they are forced to end this hostile-to-civil-rights regime.  FORCE them to change.  With luck, while Frosh is AG.  I have hopes.  Ever hopeful.

(If Brian Frosh was a billionaire, he'd make Bloomberg look like a gun-nut survivalist prepper.)

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, it looks like we have to go down the Court House Route to get to our RKBA. Sure isn't going to happen on the Federale Level until 20 January 2017 at the earliest.

However, I'm thinking, down the Road, that if the "Gay Marriage" Issue gets Tried in the U.S. Supreme Court, AND the Supremes declare that "Gay Marriage Bans" are Unconstitutional under the "Equal Protection" and "Full-Faith and Credit" Clauses of the Constitution, then the Pro-RKBA Lawyers could use THAT Ruling to say " Hey, why are the 2A Rights being Violated by the States under those Clauses, when there's no such thing a "Gay Marriage" in the Constitution, yet we DO have the 2A?" Imagine the look on the Hippies Faces when they have THEIR OWN RULING USED AGAINST THEM ON A SEPARATE ISSUE!

One can Hope.