Friday, August 22, 2014

More Thought on Militarized Cops

Whether or not cops playing solider are worse now or back in the old days is irrelevent.  UN-militarizing them is the goal.

 Why?  Because it is possible for cops to wear a blue suit and not cammies, a motorcycle riot helmet and not a military kevlar style, and not have to tool around in a mine resistant armored personnel carrier and still be as safe as they are now.  Heck, they can be just as effective and safe with revolvers and lever action rifles as they are now with semis and ARs, if they are trained right.

Let's stipulate that.  We don't want cops less safe, we want them less soldiery.

Now, why, that?  Sure, a jackboot in the face while you are getting pepper sprayed is not nice.  Good enough reason to yoink them for that.  But that is attitude as much as equipment.

Because if you demilitarize cops then we in the 2nd Amendment Civil Rights community have won.  The rifle in your gunsafe has deterred (or are one part of the deterrence factor) the police policy makers so that your rifle can remain in your safe.  The mere existence of you owning an AR changed tyrannical policies.  And the fact that there are 20 of you to 1 of them.  We, in the gunnie community don't WANT to snipe police.  We want police to act like police.  Heck we LIKE cops when they are like that.   It's win win for us and them.  The loser?  Folks like Bloomberg.  Yay.  Pat yerself on the back, and now use your rifle for fun stuff.

And that's a big reason for our side to advocate demilitarization and to thank our lucky stars that the country already went through a bit of this and passed posse comitatus laws over 100 years ago.  

The purpose of the 2nd is to fight tyranny.  Not so you can hunt.  Not even as much for you to defend yourself (that was always and assumed right).  The Founders put it there so you can oppose the government.  Now you don't want to USE arms to oppose the gov't if you don't have to.  Because that would be horrible all around.  We want this struggle to end like the Cold War did.  Not like WWII did.   We get our victory with no shots fired.   We win, they lose.

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