Friday, August 14, 2015


So I did the 8 + 1 test with McCormack magazines.  It failed.  And I want to test 7 + 1.

But I gotta be careful.  Gotta load 7 in a mag and 1 in another and 'Barney' the single into the chamber first, then my regular full magazine, so as not to squanch up the follower and run into hangups on the final cartridge.

Wow there is a lot specialized jargon in that last paragraph.

For those unfamiliar...  To 'Barney' is the load a single round in a magazine (Deputy Barney Fife of the Mayberry Police Department was only permitted a single bullet).  You use this magazine to fill the chamber because, assumably your regular magazine is topped off.  Or, in my case, at a more-reliable 7 rounds.

If the testing works, maybe we'll make 7 + 1 my standard operating procedure when carrying a 1911.  Which I still don't do.  Because Maryland.  In the old days I didn't do that because Maryland AND because I wasn't yet comfortable with a 1911. 

So this means "Get thee to a Rangery, T-Bolt!"

Test after this?   Get me some Wilson mags...


Peter said...

Or get some Pachmayr rounded followers to insert into your 8-round magazines. They reduce the capacity to 7 rounds, but improve reliability enormously.

NotClauswitz said...

I learned to Barney from Great Satan - the lovely Jacqui & Robert - at the last Gunblogger Rendezvous! I use 7-round Kimber Tac-Pro magazines in mine with no bumper pad.

Sigman said...

My local smithy did something with the mag release to raise the height of the mag in the pistol a bit and tweaked the feed lips a bit and my 8 round Power Mags work great. YMMV