Thursday, August 27, 2015


Not gonna sell AR15s no mo.

But this isn't political.  It's because of poor sales.  Honest.

Because if there is ONE thing that has gone downhill since 2009 it's gun sales...

Yet another reason for me not to shop at Walmart.  The grocery section is sketchy, the people are... 'the people of Walmart' they scan you up and down when you enter and the checkout lines make me want to cut a fool.   So, 5 strikes and you are out.

And this is at good Walmart location.  The ones around me are below average already.  For Walmart.   I'm talking Amish Walmart.  That's a good Walmart.  But that's like being the nicest discount chain store in prison.

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azmountaintroll said...

If Walmart can't make money selling AR-15s to rednecks, they need to hang it it up - their day is past.