Friday, August 28, 2015

AAR Revlover 1.2

Now I need to take a class in some sort of shotgun. 

Before classes, the insides of the boomstick in question is magic smoke and gnostic voodoo, beyond my ken.

After classes... well that was easy and now I know too much and can only just get into deep deep trouble at this point. 

Pump and semi-auto shotguns, lever guns...  Scared to take them apart now, but I am confident they will be just as easy.

Also, THIS is why institutions switch to striker fired ugly black plastic pistols.  The special tool you need for them is a punch, and the fitting process is 'get a new replacement part... go.' And that's it.  A 1911 I'd be fitting a part all day.  One day.  A Glock at $2000 per unit is cheaper than a 1911 at $1200 a unit when you factor in Armorer costs.  Same with revolvers.  And Glocks don't cost $2000, do they?  I don't care how much more superior the 1911 is to shoot, look at the COST, man!

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Old NFO said...

What you say is true, but Glocks don't engender the pleasure one gets shooting a good 1911 or a Python. Just sayin...