Saturday, August 22, 2015

DC again

I'm glad someone with more visibility than me noticed DC Police Chief's Lanier silliness about 10 round magazine causing DC homicide.

Emily Miller in the hizzouse.  "I asked police chief Lanier how she tracks "high capacity" guns that she says cause of homicides. She couldn't answer." — Emily Miller

Released felons with homicide beefs are back on the streets coming up behind business competitors and putting 2 behind their ear.  Could do that with a 5 shot revolver, slick.

How bout when you have depraved killers going about you target them, law enforcement, and leave the law abiding folks alone.  I know it is much easier to roust John Q. Public than to try to cuff up a stone cold killer, but, that latter seems to be the job and the former is denying civil rights under color of law. 


Crime is spike in Baltimore.  Pols are calling for more gun laws there too.

Look, you passed a whole bunch of new gun laws after Newtown and crime went UP.  It makes just as much logical sense to repeal those to see if that impacts the trend, huh?

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Old NFO said...

They can't answer, and their only response is to do NOTHING to the perps... sigh