Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hooray Bawlmer

Hit 200 homicides for the year.   In the city that invented Homicide.  Yaphet Kotto is probably spinning in his own grave over the grave condition the city is in.  Or he would be if he was dead.

211 total last year.  Probably beat that by Labor Day.

I bet the city cops are hassling Mr Sumdood a lot less since the riots.  Leaving them room to conduct bidness.   That's the other side of the coin:
"Cops are too abusive of folks!"
"Fine, we'll dial them back."
"Now crime is up!"
"Make up your mind.  Do you want more Order or want more Freedom?"
"I want BOTH!"
"Well, that is a very tough nut to crack, to get that balance.  In the meantime, be less crimey."

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