Thursday, August 27, 2015

AAR pt 1.1

One of the gunsmith store staff had 2 Iver Johnson break action revolvers from the 1920s or before.  A .38 S&W and an .32 S&W.

The .32 was SO cute.  Look how short that cylinder is?!  People used to defend themselves with this.  It's smaller than a J-Frame.   Oh, that was neat.  Both in functioning condition.  Perfect pocket gun.  Well, for some levels of 'perfect.'

Also, I imagine I should mention this.  It's a Smith and Wesson Revolver class.  Not Ruger.  Not Colt.  Not Chiappa Rhino.  Them others are different to various levels of different.  For instance, timing with a Colt is different.  It doesn't even have to do with the direction the wheel turns.  And the inside of a Chiappa gives me night terrors.

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Bob said...

I'd love to see Ruger bring out a breaktop revolver. Imagine having a little breaktop in .22LR. North American Arms toyed with bringing out a tiny .22 breaktop, but chickened out. And a breaktop in .32 S&W Long would be a great carry gun for women that don't want a semiauto.