Tuesday, January 17, 2017

People got a little salty

Commenters.  On my legislative preferences.  Just a touch, no big deal, no bridges burned.

"Just throw away the 10th Amendment!"

Well, yes, federally imposed national CCW reciprocity does kinda sorta cross thread with the 10th amendment of the Constitution.  And I don't like the Feds throwing their weight around any more than you do. 

But you know what?  The 10th is already pining for the fjords.  It's gonna take a lotta of contrary case rulings to bring it back.  Not just a simple act of Congress signed by the President.  A sea change.  Sorta like we did with the Second, culminating in Heller and McDonald, so far.  That took a long time.  Proponents for the 10th will have to start working hard, and this is their 1977.  Might take 30 years in the wilderness before they see their version of Heller.

You know what would make it easier on them/us?  A restored and secure 2nd Amendment.  Which this 10th outraging law will help.  Rehabilitate one Amendment, rehbilitating the next is that much easier.  And the reciprocity law can be rescinded when the whole country is Vermont carry.  And Maryland's firearm registry is deleted.


But you know, we might get both.  NFA-less suppressors AND reciprocation.  I still don't know why a suppressor is much different than a muzzle breakbrake, and not just up for grabs at any Bass Pro on the end of the aisle...


Old NFO said...

Good points! And suppressors are a 'courteous' way to shoot.

B said...

It is muzzle BRAKE, BTW.

and so you are willing to further damage the 10th just because it has already been damaged?

Kinda short sighted and self serving thought process there, doncha think? It is ok to get your wants even though it violates the Constitution? Fixing one right codified in the Constitution by breaking another? Really?

Odd, you seemed smarter than that a while back. And much more intellectually honest.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Meh. All the fly by night shops around here have a sale on Break Jobs for my car, why not for my rifle?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Very good points....especially about rehabilitation of one Amendment...then the next, and the next. A great way to look at national reciprocity.

Borepatch said...

Excellent analysis

Comrade Misfit said...

I'll take suppressors over national CCW.

(Actually, I want both.)