Monday, January 23, 2017

Pretty Much This

So Maggies Farm is pretty much in line with my thinking.

I'm not super thrilled to have Trump up there.  But I am very slightly cautiously optimistic.  I am prepared to be pleasantly surprise with good news.

But the freight of expectations from his supporters and detractors is way too great a burden for anyone to lift.

"I think people are expecting too much from a new administration, too much good and/or too much bad. My hope is for a return to simple common sense. I am all nuanced-out."

And the histrionics worrying about it are over the top.  Most of the detractors you hear about have lost their damn minds. Let me make a promise to them.  There aren't going to be FDR style detainee concentration camps for a million registered Muslims.  The Klan won't run rampant as if Woodrow Wilson were back in charge. The Handmaid's Tale isn't going to happen.  Trump's Supreme Court won't overturn Roe-v-Wade or Griswold-v-Connecticut.  It is more likely that your birth control pills will be available over the counter for the same price as multivitamins than they are to even considered to be banned.  Relax.  You are gonna be ok. 

And for the supporters, don't expect $5 Blackjack tables and free Hookers.

Coupla quarters of +3% GDP growth, some decent SCOTUS picks, and pro-gun law are about all it would take to exceed my expectation.  Addressing immigration and Obamacare is gravy by my lights, but also possible.

Bonuses beyond my wildest dreams:
  • shrunken gummint
  • EPA scaled back
  • DOE & DOE & DHS & TSA too, for that matter.
  • Victory for our side in the Middle East
  • 2.5% interest rate without strangling the recovery in the crib
  • Congressional term limits
  • De-policifying the Feds
  • lower the drinking age to 18.  ALL adult things should be at one uniform age.  
  • decriminalize pot, I am fine with that.  as long as Reefer Madness doesn't rear its head
  • repeal NFA34, GCA68, Hughes


Marty said...

I like this list.

Mike V. said...

Some good pro gun leglislation, solid Supreme picks and trying, at least, to reign in the regulators would make me very happy indeed.

Windy Wilson said...

Reefer Madness. What do you want to bet that Madonna Ciccone and Ashley Judd partake in order to reduce the anxiety they must feel every time they have the realization that it isn't their universe.

Anonymous said...
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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ha! It's been ages since I got comment spam. The above deleted comment was the kind... Well you know how sometimes is seems like Mens Rights Activists have a point? That comment was not one of the times.