Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shot Show

I have never been.  Might never go.  I have lived vicariously through other blogger that have gone and reported what they saw. 

Seems to be the world's greatest gun show.  But with range time for selected notables.  Of which I would have to struggle to appear as.  A teeny non-commercial blogger?  BACK OF THE LINE, Pal!

This year Tam is there.  It sound like it may be her first time.  I know, I am shocked she isn't a salty old SHOT veteran. 

So far, she has enjoyed the SIG P210 reboot.  Handsome pistol.  And she is practicing her tumbling skills, to less happy results.  Tuck and roll!  Always tuck and roll, when jumping from a speeding vehicle.  Learned that from Archer.  So she gets to do shot on wheels.  Poor thing.  Bad luck, that. 

I look forward to more reviews, tho, from her, and all over. 


Tam said...

Haven't been since 2002. Usually too busy working. It's not really all that; just a bunch of guns. NRAAM will let you do everything you do at SHOT, these days.

Will said...

For Tam and others:

4 months or so of Judo, with an hour per class, twice a week, of practicing falls (classes were 3hrs). Amazing results. Stays with you for decades, even without further training.

Even backpacks come with wheels, now. All suitcases, and even lots of Pelican cases have wheels. Carrying them is so last decade :)