Friday, January 13, 2017

Silent Suppressor

Ugh, got much of nothing.

People at work, not gunnies are talking about 'silencers' getting more legalized.  They vaguely understand they aren't fobidden now, and the change, if passed, just makes owning them slightly easier. 

No I didn't correct them.  I am known as the gun guy to too many people as it is.  They'll figure it out.  They aren't hostile to the idea at least.

"Is it silencer or suppressor?  Wait, it's a flash suppressor, and a silencer is the other thing that makes it quieter."

"Actually... it's flash hider, so when you fire off all the shells in your clip at the burglar in the house, he won't see where you are firing from because the flash is invisible.  Unless you use a laser sight.  Then they GOT you!"

Ok, no, no one said that.  Near me.

1 comment:

Ratus said...

"Unless you use a laser sight."

Not if it's an IR laser. :D