Friday, August 18, 2017


Ok, so I found a lawyer that can get me a Maryland CCW.  A buddy that trains Marylanders in the mandatory CCW course knows someone that will get regular peeps that aren't carrying cash for work, or are threatened on the daily in documented form, the toter's permit.

100% success rate.

Only will cost me $3000.


Maybe hold off for now.


Sigman said...

There used to (and may still be) a law firm in New York City that did the same thing. Maybe they opened a Maryland office.

Borepatch said...

So it's basically a poll tax. I thought Jim Crow was supposed to be repealed some time ago.

Fûz said...

" it's basically a poll tax "

I was thinking more that it's basically a bribe, and the recipient will soon piss it away in some gentlemen's club.

Several girls working their way through college can now afford textbooks, or some such.

The only other upside (in addition to one more bloke CCWing in Maryland) is that that money eventually gets back to some productive ordinary folks, even if they are pole dancers.

Fûz said...

You might have a look at this, too: