Sunday, August 20, 2017

The bottom of the septic tank

Yeah, one side is skinny jeans neo-nazis with a corner on the tiki torch market, and the other are laid off barista commies that worry their dreadlocks might be culturally insensitive and whether there is still space for another tribal tattoo at the small of their back. 

Yeah I don't tell this group of chuckleheads anything.  To tell either side anything is to climb down into the septic tank with them. 

Also. Avoid mobs.  You carry, but you don't wanna hafta

The only reason I generally dislike commies more is that there are still millions of them, while there are only thousands of nazis (the world killed a bunch 75 years ago.)

It all started with them dang Jacobins 250 years ago.  THEMS are the WORST.

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