Thursday, August 24, 2017

Something has happened...

One more time with the .22.  70 rounds, two duds.

I was calming down on #3, then look at target #4. I never shoot like that.  And it was pretty fast, too.  5, 6, and 7 are almost as good. 

I felt pretty relaxed.  Part of that was I had the range to myself the whole time.  I even put my ear pro away before leaving the line, and that was kinda refreshing to do. 

But I attribute it to being relaxed.  My holy trinity the last few months.
  1. relax
  2. focus on the front sight
  3. make trigger go good
Man, that was pleasing.

One thing about the duds....  I better clean this gun.  The extractor isn't grabbing the rim.  I thing the only reason the round are ejecting is the blowback action helps them out.  With a dud it sometimes leaves the round in the chamber, which almost certainly is fouled some.

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