Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Old Rations

This one is...  bad.

He reviews a C-Ration a month older than me, and inedible.

I don't understand.  I am that old and you can still eat me just fine.  I bet I am succulent.

So, the moral of this story is to stockpile that Mountain House freeze dried stuff.  Stuff from 1981 was as good as the day it was made.  If I buy it now, 35 years from now, I'll be dead from old age and someone else can rehydrate my stews and such.

Only one problem.  Mountain House doesn't package stuff now like they did in 1981.


Would you eat an MRE from 1981?  Heck I have problems with MREs from 2016.


Miguel GFZ said...

I ate an MRE from 1981 in 1984 and it was awful! Re-hydrating the strawberry in my stomach was not a good idea. I did learn to appreciate small doses of Tabasco as flavor enhancer/killer

Jonathan H said...

A few years ago I ate an ancient Mountain House lasagna pouch; the date was illegible - I picked it up at a garage sale in the early to mid-90's and it was old then.
It didn't look like much but it tasted ok. The package was mostly white on the outside with a mylar liner/ inner layer.