Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thumb Placement

Thumb placement for my other-strong-hand.

I had a low placement touching the trigger guard for years and years.  I settled there because I was touching the little 'button' of the slide stop on the right side of any 1911 and occasionally pushing the slide stop out of position while shooting.  One of the hazards of being left handed.  I figured one good advantage of shifting it down there was there was no chance that thumb would brush the frame and cause a malfunction that way.

But my thumb down low was doing something during the trigger pull, Sam noticed.

We changed it up to the traditional thumbs forward spot and got better shooting results immediately. 

I put my thumb here:

I am gonna shift to this spot:

(Interesting Springfield, btw.)

Also, I will probably relieve that button a little bit.  I won't relieve the hole it rides in like you see on some custom guns.  I want as much meat of metal around it.  Also, a little notch/groove where the detent from the plunger tube helps keep the slide stop in place.  Suspenders AND a belt. 

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