Thursday, September 13, 2018

One thing about shooting .38....

....Is I notice I don't have a lotta .38. 

What do I have?

A lotta .357.  A LOT.

Back when I started this blog I had an M1 and a S&W L-Frame, pretty much.  I vastly over estimated how much .357 I'd practice with regularly.  There is a .50 cal ammo box full of Mag Tech .357 I got 10 years ago. 

It is nice seeing the low price tag on the boxes.

What the heck.  Not like it will get moldy or go stale.  I do have a 1894C and most of these are semi-jacketed, so they work good with that carbine.   Eventually it will get used.  Or I'll die in 30 years and someone else will figure out something.

Oh, and now I have some .38 ordered.  

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