Thursday, September 27, 2018

Range 25 September

Let's do the revolver again.

Not perfect, but better.

Here you see 21 DA shots from a 686 6" L-Frame.  Magtexk 158 grain lead round nose. 

I called all the shots in my head except the 'oops' on the last three lower right target.  8 yards.

I KNEW the ones a bit outside the bull area were going to be a bit outside the bull area because I remembered over-thinking those shot.  I thought about the shot rather than shoot the shot.

Yes, I still favor the right half, but not exclusively.

Time to switch guns and see how I do with a J-Frame.

Also on deck, 150 more rounds in the Hudson.

By then maybe some test shots in a 1911.

So a full social calendar.

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