Sunday, September 16, 2018

Yeah, DC is like that.

Cruz intern charged with possession of unregistered ammunition.

Yup, right next door.  Six miles from where I sit.  What this sounds like is Cruz had words with someone and the cops were called and took notice.  Well, that call is on the log, and they are certainly gonna look for something.  And something they found, so downtown one of the loud arguers goes.  Happens to be a Texas boy, interning for the Senator.

Most people from Texas might find it odd NOT to find ammo in someone's car.  In fact, this boy from the Maryland suburbs has a box of 9mm in the car that's been there a week and a half.  No gun, mind you.  Just the box of American Eagle 115 grain.

And I'd not think twice about venturing over the line into DC.  Because I rarely do things that would involve the police.  But that's not smart.  Someone could rear end my truck and bingo, police response.  An over zealous cop might notice the red box on the blue seat.  Now I am cross threaded with the Metropolitan Police Department.

99 times out of a hundred, don't even worry.  That one time... LOOK OUT.

I bet intern gets a slap on the wrist.  And would if his boss was Cruz or the assistant deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and a holdout from the previous admin.  Or if he had been some suburban Maryland middle aged man.   But they CAN make an example of him.  It's up to DC officials.  

But the laws in DC are onerous and we need to strengthen protectiong with federal reciprocity and boosting FOPA.

"That's not very libertarian federalist of you, T-Bolt."

Yeah?  Well, fire with fire.  There is a long tradition of the Feds intervening when civil rights are being trampled in this country.

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