Friday, February 14, 2020

Grocery Bags

My county taxes plastic grocery bags to combat global warming a few years back.  That made me mad enough to not care about littering or to feel bad about adding tri-sodium phosphate to my laundry detergent.

My state is considering banning plastic bags entirely.  I guess then I will have to go back to just draining my used motor oil into the storm drains.

"But T-Bolt, that's ILLEGAL!"

Yeah?  Well, prove it.  You can't DNA test the sewer effluent.  Or dust for prints.

Go bother someone else you busybodies.  For the love of Pete.  I don't want re-usable E. Coli bags.

This is as wrong headed as those EPA lawn mower gas cans that leak all over the place when you try to fill a tank.  I don't want gas on grass!  So, that evolution happens by the storm drain too.

My recycling all goes to the landfill.  Aluminum cans are about the only thing that turns a slight profit.  But my tax money goes to two crews and two trucks per neighborhood to haul two sets of trash to the landfill.  One is in a Hefty bag, the other is in a blue bin.

All this virtue signalling over a fake crisis is so wasteful and pointless.  So I will be wasteful to be contrary.


Unknown said...

The only profit in recycling aluminum cans is if someone else purchased the cans. Recycling only recovers the money you paid at the time of purchase.

Think of that money (CRV) as a zero interest loan to the state. Also, because the largest buyer of our recyclables was China, and they are buying less these days because of, well, China, the number of recycling centers is decreasing and the scrappers have become increasingly insubordinate - read very selective - in accepting aluminum, the convenience, nay, even the opportunity to recycle is diminished.

That means the state keeps a growing percentage of CRV because it's not being paid back to the consumer. It's a racket.

Oh sure, you could take the cans back to the store - as state law mandates - but the stores likely refuse if you have more than, say a 12 pack. That in itself sets up multiple trips in the gas guzzler.


JC said...

Everybody knows that a film of oil over standing water retards mosquito proliferation! Why, it's almost a public service to dump that waste oil down the sewer!