Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Soup's on

Every winter I make a big batch of soup.  Ladle it out into microwaveable pyrex bowls.  Eat some, freeze others.

Little late this year.

And this year was beef stew.  Not a soup, per se.

In the past I go with beef and barley, venison chili, senate bean, split pea.

The beef stew was ON POINT this year.  Proud of myself.

I make it in a cast iron dutch oven.  And it's it three quarters full.  Makes 6 generous serving.  The reason for the dutch over is so I can put that in the oven at 250 to simmer.  That way I can't burn the bottom of the thicker stews/soups.

I hate the texture of onions and celery, but I like the flavor, so I replace the regular version with onion powder and homemade shallot salt, and celery seed.  Beef, potatoes, peas, carrots.

No pics.  It's stew!

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