Thursday, February 13, 2020

This is a weird news story

Been going on 8 months but it only just crossed my radar.  Out west.

Woman's husband is murdered by her brother.  Brother kills self soon after.

Shortly after, she moves to Idaho to be with a new beau.  HIS wife dies from an unknown illness.  The new couple marries soon after.  They run off to Hawaii, like newlyweds might.  Names are Lori and Chad. 

Thing is, she has/had two children, 7 and 17.  The children have been sorta MIA since 8 months ago.

The newly married dude is a Doomsday obsessive.  Written a couple dozen books about it, Newly married gal with missing children had recently gotten interested in the subject.  It's what brought them together.

People start to notice these oddities.

Dead wife is being exhumed for a better autopsy, because this smells fishy.  Authorities are asking her for proof of life of her minor children, but she has not complied.

Like I said.  Weird.  Messed up man.  And why is it only now spreading to the news consciousness back east?

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