Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Commence Commencing

Lately I’ve become more interested in shooting and started to take it seriously. I’ve been reading gun blogs. I thought it might be interesting to others to put a neophyte's experiences on a blog. Chronicle the exploration like some sort of Himalayan expedition. So many blogs are from people that know their business, which is good. These people I can learn from. So I am a bit of a gun noob. At this point, perhaps I can be described as an advanced beginner. I don't know if anyone will learn much from me. I'd be happy if one person did, eventually. This is more so that I won't forget.

I need to hurry up and post what has gone before in my hoplophilic journey while it is still fresh in my mind, then I will post forward in real time, if I can stick with this bloggy thingy. My current goals for exercising my rights illuminated by the Second Amendment are simple….

  • To be confident and competent enough with a rifle to be able to hit anything I can see in a Jovian Thunderbolt kind of way.

  • To be able to defend myself with a handgun.

  • To perhaps harvest some tasty venison with either a rifle or a shotgun, any skin or antler is just a nice bonus, here.
  • To Defend the Ramparts of the Democracy from a Level 4 Zombie Outbreak or against the Jacobin Rampaging Godless Red-Commie Hordes (or their modern equivalent)

And this blog will chart my progress toward those goals. So lets begin. This may take a few entries before I start getting to the “confident and competent pursuit” part, but it’ll show you where I am coming from.