Sunday, August 9, 2009


Am I home yet?

Zombie! We're lunch. To the bunker!

“Z” is for Zombie, undead in kind.
“O” is for Other-Zombie, sneaking up from behind.

“M” is for Mankind, now that they’re gone.
“B” is for Big Bomb, the option not done.

“I” is for Infection, the cause of this mess.
“E” is for Extermination, it might be for the best.

“!” is for !&%@*!, the curses you’ll swallow.
“W” is for Water, at least across that, ghouls can’t follow.

“E’” is for Evade, flee, to save your ass.
“R” is for Reload, you have to do it real fast.

“E” is for Egress, you must board it up tight.
“L” is for Loved-ones, avoid after a bite.

“U” is for Undead, they shamble and lurch.
“N” is for Nighttime, light it up with a zed-torch.

“C” is for Cache, I hope your larder is stocked.
“H” is for Hunger, when you prepared you were mocked.

“T” is for Terror, spreading in the streets.
“O” is for Officers, fleeing their beats.

“T” is for Tasty, which you’ll be to the others.
“H” is for Horrible, they just ate your brother.

“E” is for Everything, everything that is gone.
“B” is for Brains, nom nom nom nom nom.

“U” is for Uzi, hope you have some spare clips.
“N” is for the Nightmare, which will surely give fits.

“K” is for Klondike, what would you do for a bar.
“E” is for Evil, the most evil by far.

“R” is for Run, Run Forrest, RUUUUNNNNN!!!!
“!” is for !&%@*!, I just like cussing, it’s fun.

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