Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm itchy and excited. I think I'll hit the range after work tomorrow. One gun. The SIG.

Must remember, Shootin' THEN Drinkin'. Not tother way round.

I'm gonna try THIS, in practice. The 'rowing the boat' technique for Double Action triggers. Article by Grant Cunningham:

"The key is to let the trigger finger slide across the trigger face. Now that sounds simple enough, but it’s tough to do—at first. It gets easier after just a little dry-fire work.

As the trigger moves backward in compression, pay attention to the way the finger wants to slide. It will want to slide down the trigger face. Let it. It will want to slide sideways, across the trigger face. Again, let it do so.

You may feel as though your finger is going to slide right off the trigger, but it won’t! Compress the trigger, letting the finger slide down and across the trigger face. Pay attention to how it feels, and replicate that feeling with each repetition."

Though the Sig's DA is lightish compared to my revolvers. Sorta. Let's just say my fingers doesn't want to slide in dry firing.

So if rowing the boat is a bust I'll just try focusing on the front sight, gripping 20% tighter, and bending my knees.


Arthur said...

Does your sig have a serrated trigger face? That might make sliding a little difficult.

I used to have a wicked low left flinch with my P220 in DA, but I've found gripping tighter with my left hand and letting my right just work the trigger cured that. And it seems to have stayed cured - now I can shoot single handed in DA and not pull shots. Dunno how that worked but it did.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

All my DA pistols are smooth faced.