Sunday, August 3, 2014

My broker is E. F. Tamara

And she says...

When E. F. Tamara talks, people listen.

She told my buddy, get a pistol.  Well, sorta.

That whole internet thing...  What do you need or want to have?  A 3 guns system and spares plus a .22 in case the Zombocalypse comes!  If you can have only one, then a shotgun!  Marines get guy on just the rifle, so the AR is fine!  Naw, you want a man sized round instead of a poodle shooter, get an FAL...

And so on.

But what if you are sorta banking on civilized society kinda going on like it is not for the next 75 years?  Sorta like it has for the previous 75 years.  And you are a suburbs person, working in an office, with hobbies that don't include wilderness adventure?

Well, yeah, if only one gun is to be had, that one gun should prolly be a pistol.  Especially in a carry regime like Virginia's.


Old NFO said...

You 'can' use a pistol to get to a rifle to a... :-)

Windy Wilson said...

And if things do go all pear-shaped, and DON'T continue for the next 75 years as they have for the previous, then a pistol is still prolly the best thing to get first, as the hazards will likely not manifest themselves way out at 300 yards.
I'm thinking of Ferfal Aguirre, the Argentine, who survived the economic collapse with his family. Ferfal said the pistol was more useful for threats.

ASM826 said...

Sure, you can only have one gun.

You can only drink water, too. No need for anything else like milk or wine or root beer.

There should be a first gun. That might well be a shotgun or a pistol, but it should be the first one.

I think the optimal minimum number is three. Rifle, pistol, shotgun, all in useable calibers, and .22s don't count. Those are trainers.