Wednesday, February 8, 2017


LOOK at all those aftermarket product names and geegaws.

  • TD Vickers Slide Releast
  • Pearce frame insert
  • Tyr trigger
  • Framulator alignment grid
  • Turboencabulator in a 40 watt range
  • ZEV V4 connector
  • Overwatch Precision trigger
  • SSVI Tyr
  • and I bet there might be an unmentioned The Gadget slide plate on one.  Possible

I can't keep up.  I don't even know what a frame insert is supposed to DO.

That's Glock. I am hopelessly out of my depth.  The steep learning curve goes up the sea floor bed for quite a ways before it is shallow enough that my head is above water.  That doesn't count the foothills on shore.

I know a bit more about AR things.  Not the nomenclature.  But I have distinct ideas on how I'd like my next hand guard.

And I know a bunch more about 1911 options, having been in the guts of the pistol up to my elbows more than once with burn scars on my credit card to show for it.  Plus hours and hours going through the Brownells paper catalogue on JUST 1911 bits.

But I feel like I am missing out, not playing with a Glock, trying mods.  Just because.

But every time I think I am getting a handles on this gonne stuff I am humbled by how MUCH more there is to it.


Mack Culverhouse said...

So much for that out of the box perfection.

dorfer21 said...

The Turboencabulator is a must have if you own a compact or subcompact. They make those smaller Glocks so much easier to shoot


Tam said...

"So much for that out of the box perfection."

God forbid anybody tinker with their stuff, right?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

How you gonna make it BETTER than perfect? I demand 110% from all my shootin' irons. If Glock only ships it at 100% I need to find that 10 someplace.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I guess there are gunnies that can leave stuff well enough alone. I'll let folks know when I find one.

Marty said...

I have to say the Glock mod I love on my 26 is the slide release upgrade. Cause, you know, baby soft hands...

Tam said...

Glocks don't even come with sights from the factory. They just have those cheap plastic dovetail protectors.

Mack Culverhouse said...

That is the root cause of my Glock sneer. I enjoy them and think they're good guns. But that slogan just makes me want to grind my teeth.

Mack Culverhouse said...

And for what it's worth, I love me some assorted after market Glock parts. The do it yourself nature appeals to my inner wannabe machinist