Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Far Out Music, and the OV-10 Bronco

Told you I liked it.

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Will said...

If you read the history of the origins of the design, you'll get annoyed. Typical bureaucratic meddling. Oversized, overweight, and therefor under-powered.

That fancy landing gear? It could handle rough surfaces that the pilot couldn't deal with. And it wasn't used off field in 'Nam. Always from a base, so that very heavy system was worthless. They weren't allowed to change it.

That zero-zero ejection seat? Very heavy, and I'm not sure it got used. IIRC, each seat was about 700 lbs, x2.

Ditching was contraindicated. 100% fatality rate.

More than a few were lost when they couldn't out-climb the slopes of the hills, and performed the classic "controlled flight into terrain".

The Marines armed their aircraft, the Air Force didn't. Birddog only, just marking rockets. Stupid politics.