Saturday, March 13, 2010

Calculus and Zombies

Borepatch sent me THIS link.

Interesting... How to use Calculus to defeat Zombies. In BOOK form. Or 'Appendix 2' form.

Ahhhh, Calc-useless. If it weren't for you and the unintelligible TAs that taught it I'd be a REAL Engineer now. Instead of a Sciencetician. Making Engineer money. Living in a nice Engineer house. Drinking Engineer adult-beverages... Instead of this refrigerator box I live in now. (It's not so bad. It's a Maytag box. Not one of those crappy Amanas. But it's hard to keep convincing the ladies I am a Billionaire Astronaut when I take them home to the Box for the evening.)

But still. I'm intrigued. I will have to keep a weather eye out for this tome.

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NMM1AFan said...

Being Engineer unemployed...

Seriously, I don't know an engineer that does calculus at work, ever.

And yeah, the furrin' TAs didn't help, either.