Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Gun For... Zed

Oooo, just saw a link to this over at the Dessert Defender. I gotta read him more often. He posts a lot. And doesn't use light colored text on a dark background, purposely designed to strain the readers eyes.

And article in a hunting magazine on which gun/caliber for zombie. In the comments section is the usual folderol of people thinking they'd prefer a shotgun. Silly corpse-snacks.

I LIKE the arrow gun. And the large cap mags. But the other? Not so much. They do recommend a Para .45, which, because it is .45 in roughly 1911 configuration, I have a sentimental attachment to. A 9mm is fine for zombie.

Here is the one area where Jeff Cooper was wrong. The 5.56 NATO is a nigh ideal round to retire shambling zombies, and the AR15 rifle is the ideal platform. Better than 7.62 NATO (which is accurate enough, but too much, and too heavy, gun). Better than 7.62x39 Warsaw Pact stuff (which is a good runner up to 5.56, but the platform is often not as accurate).

And what do I have? Foolish me, just the 7.62 NATO in the form of a Garand and an M1A. ~sigh~

But, like many gun selection exercises, the MOST important criteria is what YOU, personally, shoot best. Even .22LR is just FINE for Zed. And you can easily carry HUNDREDS of rounds for it in your pocket.

(Yay! Trinity as a 50's mom. The movie is really a gem.)

[update: I said 5.56 is nigh ideal for this specific task. It is not my preference but I like more utility out of my rifle. See comments]


Jerome said...

If a 7.62NATO platform is too heavy, you need to start preparing.

If you choose not to, I promise I'll put you down when you shamble past.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's not too heavy. Per se. It's just more gun than you need for Zed Heads.

7.62 is just enough gun for renegade uninfected biker gang wastrels tearing through the undead countryside.

Also good for deer hunting post zombacalypse, compared to the 5.56.

Jerome said...

By definition, Ma Deuce is more gun than you need for Zed. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want one.