Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mortuos libera viventes

This guy thinks too hard. Probable burn out a bearing up there if he keeps it up.

WAY too hard.

Hope he is kept somewhere where he can't hurt himself or others. Or vote.

Here is one of his overwrought sentences:

The zombie is a polyvalent revenant, a bloating signifier that has given shape, alternately, to repressed memories of slavery’s horrors; white alienation from the darker Other; Cold War nightmares of mushroom clouds and megadeaths; the post-traumatic fallout of the AIDS pandemic; and free-floating anxieties about viral plagues and bioengineered outbreaks (as in 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead, troubled dreams for an age of Avian flu and H1N1, when viruses leap the species barrier and spread, via jet travel, into global pandemics seemingly overnight. Which may be why the Infected, as they’re called in both the film and the game, move at terrifying, jump-cut speed, unlike their lumbering, stuporous predecessors.)
Polyvalent? Dude. Get a new hobby. That paragraph was ONE sentence.

But there is a nugget or two in there. But you have discard a lot of toxic tailings to get to it.

At least he admits he's talking out of his ass in the comments section. If he was serious, I'd worry.


Jay T said...


Anonymous said...

Coming from a guy who waves florid phrases like "Jovian thunderbolt" around, all of this fulminating about how overwrought my prose is smells like fan spirit. I Am Not Worthy. In any event, nice roundup of zombie posts. Good luck with the tinfoil-earmuff paranoid-survivalist gun-stockpiling thing. And I say that from the bottom of my godless commie heart. - M. Dery

Old NFO said...

WOW is right...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I WISH I had tinfoil for the earmuffs. All I've found is the crappy aluminum kinds. Vintage genuine tin foil is so spendy!

Anonymous said...

As long as I have you by the tinfoil earmuff, two quick thoughts: 1. Funny, well-written site. Love those *short* sentences. The gun-nut stuff, like all gun-nut stuff, screams Castration Complex. Yeah, I know: overthinking. Seriously, though, the Web is crawling with gun-porn blogs, 99% of them written by right-wingers wall-eyed with fear that Nancy Pelosi is going to tunnel in through the drains. The best part of your blog---that is, the most original---is the zombie stuff. Why not spin it off into a Son of Gun Porn zombies-only blog? Just one godless lefty's opinion. Which will surely bulk large in your mind. 2. Pardon my irony impairment, but this harden-the-perimeter-for-the-coming-zombocalypse meme that's floating around the right-wing blogosphere: How pervasive is this? It seems to be a popular thought experiment among survivalists---a black-comedy metaphor for the coming breakdown of American society (which has always been imminent, of course, in the paranoid mind) and a way of making preparedness more sexy. Am I wrong? M. Dery

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Fear of Nancy Pelosi? That's silly. Everyone know that the puppet master is really History's Greatest Monster

And as for Castration complex? I don't know about that. It can't ALL be about compensating for a little wiener.

Why do gun blogs think about the Zombacalypse so much? Easy. Because it is going to happen.