Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stainless Revolvers

Well, Trollop has a lot of legal wrangling to do to affect her decampment to Bora Bora. As such, she was in town. When she wasn't spending her millions she opted to go on a shooting jag with me. On Saturday the 27th, March. (2 days after that last one...)

And ALL stainless steel Smith and Wesson revolver shooting day!

629, 686, 617, 640. Sorry about the pic. Cellphone camera. The barrel of the .44 is as long as the snubbie. That barrel, alone, might weigh as much as all of the 640.

[I screwed up. I MEANT to line them up, with an example of their ammo next to them. But if you look closely you can see the .22 617 is actually the second pistol. And the 686 .357 is below that. See it? Look at the cylinders.]

It had been a while for the Saucy Trollop. Her skills weren't as sharp as normal from lack of practice. I, as you know, have been to the range twice in the past 2 weeks.

Her shots are on the right 2 panels, mine on the left. All shots are 7 yards, give or take.

Here is the first. My first shots were on the top there, no splatter sticker. Lousy. Then below, and not much better. Trollop is shooting the lovely stuff single action on here side when she can. She doesn't like double action at all. And her first shot and last shot out of the .44 are always the best. Like she has to overcome the recoil shock and settle in. Then she does great.

Comparing the .357 magnum out of the snubbie 640, and the .44 magnum out of the big bruiser 629... I must say, the felt recoil is comparable. It might even be MORE painful with the snubbie. I can't imagine how hard it must hit in those super lightweight J-Frames. Snubbie from Hell indeed on the lightweights.

See those 2 holes below the splatter target near the bottom? Yeah, I'm sure those are lousy DA shots by me.

Ok, after warming up and not concentrating much on the first targets I shot the left of this...

Much better. The top left is all my single action with my 686. The bottom left is all double action with the 640. THAT's a bit more like it. Not too shabby at all. I chalk my improvement up to the the warmup and the previous and recent range sessions getting me into game shape.

Trollop is on the right, also getting better, but her arms were very tired at this point.

Hmmm... I wonder how well I'd do if I went twice a week for a good while? With just ONE gun to practice with each time...

And when I go to a training class I must remember to cram the days before so as not to embarrass myself as much in front of the class.

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Old NFO said...

Nice guns and nice shooting on Both your parts :-)