Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hahahahahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAhahahahahaha.


Crucis said...

Really!?!? Well, I guess that now that more than three quarters of the families in the US now have an American Rifle (AR) of some form, it's not too unexpected for sales to drop a bit.

If---if they did.

Earl said...

I am so slow, I haven't ever wanted another AR, carried one for business too many years to carry one for home defense, recreation or hunting. But I have a M1 Garand and that suits me just fine, even have a WWII bayonet my father left me for it.

The AR platform will survive long after that writer has written his last, we don't toss guns away in this country.

Crucis said...

Earl, I've an M1 Garand too and 1500rds for it. Most of those rounds are already clipped.

But always remember. The proper tool for the proper job. BTW, I carried an AR type rifle once for business as well.