Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I don't feel like playing. The 3 gun meme


JayG asks " I'm assuming that this is a "forever" type question, as in there's been a law passed that we are only able to own one of the three types for defense. "

For selecting carry handguns. Lots of folks likes them some variety, and I'm not the best shot, of all the pistols I've tried, with my 1911, and a 1911 is certainly not the smallest, and the whole cocked and locked thing is a personal worry I need to overcome, and there are rough bits that can dig into you when you do carry it, and it's kinda heavy... But. If restricted to just one handgun, I'd select the 1911 and get used to my problems with it and never look back. Why? It covers everything I'd want a handgun for and it's strengths overcome the minor weaknesses. When used by me.

Ok, I'll play, you convinced me. I'd choose my rifle, my shotgun, and my pistol. There! You happy? Fulton M1A, Remington Model 11 12g, Springfield Loaded 1911.

If just one, I'd choose my rifle. If just 2 and I was mobile, rifle and pistol. If just 2 and hunkered down, rifle and shotgun.


Brigid said...

From the HOTR household.
Rock River Arms 18 in Varmint A4
Belgium Browning 20 gauge.
Springfield XDM in 40 cal.

JB Miller said...

Glock 21 .45
Mossberg 590
Armalite AR10

George said...

Don't sweat the 1911 'cocked and locked'. I've carried one much of the time since 1983. I am not police or military, just a disabled civilian. Properly trained. And John Moses Browning was a genius!

Newbius said...

OK, I'll play:

EBR (currently in A2 configuration)
Pump 12GA (Currently Winchester)
45ACP Semi Auto (Soon to be an XD or a 1911, currently something else)

Might be different next week...