Sunday, March 21, 2010

Headphone Cans

Someone suggested in my comments I get hearing protection cans/muffs that are electronic.

I'm way ahead of you. I own this model.

They take 2 AAA batteries. And I like it very much.

What they do is amplify quiet sounds, like voices in whisper, but also loud talking a little. And they damped very loud sounds. Like a shot. This is an obvious on the range, as you can hear your shooting partner talk, but I also made great use of them hunting. The helped keep my ears warm and amplified the footsteps of wildlife. And of course, that one blast of the shotgun was muffled and didn't bother my hearing.

MBtGE has a pair with IED lights. GREAT for finding your deer stand at o'dark thirty. I only have so many hands for carrying stuff. I'd rather hold the long gun with 2 hands than try to carry it, a flashlight, AND a folding chair.

What I don't have, and a commenter suggested, is a pair of them. One for me, one for teaching a n00bie. Much easier to instruct when you can both hear each other.


Paladin said...

I just recently stepped up into the world of electronic hearing protection. Pretty snazzy. I tried mine out at the range this past week and they really make a difference.

It was weird being able to hear song birds and conversations, but not flinch at the sound of gunshots all around me at the same time.

JB Miller said...

And don't forget that they have a jack for an MP3 of cell phone input.