Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Homeowner Expenditures

So, I re-fied, my house, and I got some decent money saved up that is liquid, I am spending 200 less a month on the mortgage, and am financially stable right now...  What to spend my extra money on?

I want off street parking.  A driveway would be a luxury AND add to the value of my home.  An expenditure, not an expense.  Maybe even an investment.

So might a shed in the backyard.   Ya know...  I always wanted a room out there. An outbuilding I could go to.  Like an office.  Or a workshop.  Or a writer's shed.  My grandfather had an office...

Like Roald Dahl had.  Or Mark Twain.

Been thinking on this since before my vacation and did the rough draft for this post back in July.  I am not the only one thinking on these lines, serendipitously.  At least I came upon it independently. Hey, all the cool kids are lusting after small outbuildings, now.

I could put in a mini woodstove for heat.  More.

And electrify it so it could have fans and lights and maybe a window shaker AC.  Maybe a fridge and a small microwave.  With that set up and a cot, I could live in something that looks like a garden shed.  Handy in emergencies like after fires or major renovations.

I want it to be built like a 'brick shed house,' like this writer's shed.  But this, is nice too; or these and these.

Another thing to spend money on?  A new roof.  Even considering a metal roof.  More practical than a writer's shed...

Same with replacement windows.  These, on my house now are all failing.  But THIS line item might be the most expensive of the group.

New doors.  Strong doors.

A natural gas generator is $5000 installed.  As soon as I get one we won't have a power outage for 12 years.

What?  No gun?  No new gun is burning a hole in my pocket.  Custom 1911?  Meh.  That's an idea.  Spares.  A 640 #2, a Commander #2.  A bolt action .45 with a can like MBtGE is thinking.  The single stack XD.  Must update the ol' Master List.

The other thing?  I have enough saved up now to replace my car with the same, but newer, model, and pay cash.  Lotta power in that freedom.  Of course if I blow that money on sheds and a roofs...  I'll have tapped too much of it.  But right now the pile is growing.  And $200 extra, per.


Marty said...

Ever consider a work shop/tool shed in the back, then finish out the basement where the shop is now. A writers den/bedroom and a Steampunk rec room!

That would seriously increase value for your place.

zdogk9 said...

" What to spend my extra money on?"
Throw about 1/2 of it at the mortgage and get out from under that bastard years ahead of schedule. An extra $50 q month cut two years off the life of mine.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I don't WANT to get out from under my mortgage. It's my tax deduction. When I am 60, I am going to refinance again for 30 years. And again at 80.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Infrastructure. Get the Roof, Doors and Windows fixed. Some "Green" Tax Credits may be out there for those Improvements also, both Federale and State, so more Deductions could be available. Writer's Sheds are a "Nice to Have." But you have at least one Spare Bedroom, right? Make that your "Home Office," then set up your "Private Business," and get THAT Tax Write-Off.

Stretch said...

Any upgrades/additions to home usually worth it.
Driveway pricing should include cost of snow blower.