Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Typewriter 2

Lemme typecast a new addition.

click embiggens

Here is the WWII instructional film.  I posted it the other week, too. You see my OTHER typewriter in it at times.  The Remington Rand Model 17.  This one is a Remington Rand Noiseless Portable.  With SLEEK Art Deco styling.  Handier AND prettier.  And ten years older than my Grandfathers Desktop war model.

Aw jeez, this is almost verbatim what my previous post of 3 weeks ago.  Got sort of jumbled up I guess in the set up for my 2 weeks out of pocket.  

I have to add a bleg for  this...   Does anyone have a source for correction paper/film?  Ko-Rec-Type invented it I believe but doesn't seem to make it anymore.  Unless... Wait, this might be it.  I'll just have to buy some on spec to know.

You know, typewriters used to be ordinary.  Pedestrian.  Ubiquitous.  Now they are a throwback and people use them for the joy of using them.  The novelty AND nostalgia.

Hey that explains a lot about me.

Old tools like a Stanley plane or a Disston saw on workshop bench... no rechargeable drills or tablesaws.

Steam and hit and miss 2-stroke engines.


Browning designed firearms.

Fountain pens.

Pulp fiction now in the public domain.


All appeal to me, and I am drawn to them.  If even to dabble with them, in my mind, from afar. I may never touch a working linotype, or see a working steam train again, or another flying B-17.  But I want to.

Maybe I wasn't born too late.  Maybe I'd whistfully look to the past no matter what era I found myself.


Hey, that typewriter sure beats buying $15,000 worth of linotype machine I have no place for, huh?  Hope that itch stays scratched.


Now I want a Writer's Shed.

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NotClauswitz said...

Blue-smoke two-stroke engines, with the fragrant scent of castor-oil!