Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When we were done scouting deer, MBtGE took out his Glock 21 with a suppressor attached and he fired off a couple rounds.  We didn't have hearing protection.  That was the point.  To see what it sounded like without.

It wasn't quiet.  Not at all.  It was quite loud.  It would wake everyone in a sleeping house.  It wasn't loud enough to hurt your ears, but much louder and it would be.  I was surprised. 

With hearing protection on at the range, it sounds as quiet as the suppressed .22.  Not so in person.

How big would the can have to be to make it as quiet as the suppressed .22 for that .45ACP?  How much can was the DeLisle?


Old NFO said...

It would take a BIG can... And that is why they are called supressors...

Angus McThag said...

Reputedly the DeLisle was as quiet as you could make a suppressed gun.

Complaints about the noise from the striker are out there.

No idea if there's much truth to the stories, things tend to get exaggerated; but most sources agree it was quiet FOR a suppressed gun even if it wasn't silent.

Tam said...

Getting a slide lock installed would quieten it somewhat.